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Our News Digest: What we’re reading
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Our News Digest: What we’re reading

As we linger in the dog days of summer and vacation time kicks in, you may be falling behind on your news. Not to worry, we've been keeping an eye out. Here are a few items that caught our attention this week.

The future of P&C insurance distribution (Property Casualty360)
Mark Breading talks about a recent research report, The Future of Distribution in P&C Insurance: Transformation in the Digital Age:

"In general, insurers expect significant consolidation among commercial lines agents and brokers and see the trusted advisor role rising in importance. Major disruption by InsurTech and entry by the global tech giants (Google, Amazon, etc.) is not anticipated to be as much of a factor, although still an important one.
On the personal lines side, 59% expect major disruption by InsurTech and almost half assume that the global tech companies will play a significant role in the distribution of auto and homeowners’ insurance."

Insurance and the Internet of Things (Insurance Thought Leadership)

David Wechsler talks about a future where the main perils for homeowners, such as water, fire and theft, are dramatically reduced through the IoT and smart homes.

A Mega-Tsunami Is Coming; Can the East Coast Even Prepare? (Risk & Insurance)

From a series on black swan risk scenarios, (a black swan is an extremely rare event) Autumn Hesiler poses one scenario in which the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupts triggering a mega tsunami that threatens the entire eastern seaboard from Boston to Miami. Could we even prepare for such an event? Experts weigh in.

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