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Should you ditch the desktop in your marketing plans?
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Should you ditch the desktop in your marketing plans?

There's no two ways about it. Mobile usage is growing in leaps and bounds. Worldwide, more people use phones and tablets to access the web than conventional computers like desktops and laptops. Mobile use is averaging more than three hours a day.

So should we just build for mobile devices and gear our advertising for mobile devices?

Not so fast, say search experts. At Search Engine Land, Columnist Christi Olson makes the case that the desktop’s death has been greatly exaggerated.  Her article talks about how desktops continue holding an important place in an increasingly mobile world.

She makes the following points:

  • Consumers engage with devices differently.
  • Not all time on mobile devices are search-related, 90% of mobile user time is spent in apps.
  • While mobile devices dominate morning and evening hours, Desktops still dominate during work hours.
Further, she discusses how the desktop plays an important role in complex purchasing decisions and still drives conversions - 80% on desktops vs 20% on mobile.

"I think it’s safe to say that most consumer journeys involve cross-device usage; however, the device used for the final transaction is often determined by the type of transaction and the amount of data needed to complete the transaction.
An example of this type of deeply considered journey can seen in the financial services sector, when a consumer opens a retirement account and makes initial investments. It’s a complex decision with a high cost of failure, and the average consumer will research the process across multiple devices; however, the final transaction of creating the account requires entering a significant amount of data. For that reason, this step is more convenient to complete on a desktop or tablet then on a smartphone.

So don't ditch the desktop yet! But here's one important mobile step you should take right away, if you haven't already: Convert your website to a responsive design that will adapt to user needs no matter what device they are on. How do you know if your site is mobile-friendly? Use Google's mobile-friendly test to find out
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