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Social Media Infographic: Image & video sizing
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Social Media Infographic: Image & video sizing

Did you ever wonder how to optimize the look of your agency's social media channels? All too often, many of us use one image across all accounts, but this is a case where precision matters quite a bit to the quality of your organization's brand. It's important that your logo and any images that you use are crisp and sized to fit the available media's size specifications. But with so many social channels, who can keep track? Good news: the people at Spredfast keep track, and they share the info in a handy 2017 infographic.

Spredfast offers offers various social media services, including platform software for managing social media so they are savvy about what it takes to create a good presence. They offer interesting posts in their Smart Social Blog, as well as a variety of useful tools such as tipsheets, videos and whitepapers - which is how we found the infographic. You can download a PDF of the infographic here.The information is current - it was updated in July 2017.


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