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Social Media Marketing: What’s new; Best times to post; Achieving marketing goals
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Social Media Marketing: What’s new; Best times to post; Achieving marketing goals

Social media marketing channels never stay static - it can be a full-time job to keep up with the changes. Here are a few big ones you may have missed. In late 2015, Facebook added mobile lead ads; also in the last quarter of 2015, LinkedIn Groups all were made private; and early in the new year, the rumor mill is buzzing with the news that Twitter may morph into a more robust publishing platform, going from 140 characters per tweet to 10,000 - a massive increase.

And here's a roundup of anticipated 2016 changes on prominent social channels...

  • LinkedIn in 2016 | What’s new, what’s right and what’s not?
  • 10 New Facebook Features for 2016
  • 8 new Twitter features to watch

    OK, what's the point of social media - is it worth the time investment for your agency?

    Here's a terrific article addressing marketing issues from Social Media Examiner. It offers a step-by-step breakdown for how a business can use social media to achieve these three important marketing goals. How to Increase Awareness, Generate Leads and Create Advocacy With Social Media (BTW, SME is a great publication to follow on one of the social channels - they consistently offer great social tips and how to's.)

    How do you make your participation yield the best results? One way is to target your posting schedule to the peak usage times on each of the major platforms. This infographic from Hubspot offers a handy analysis of the best times to post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


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