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Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile
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Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

One of the fundamental social media building blocks that you and your agency should be using is LinkedIn. It's an important tool for amplifying your agency's brand, for networking and, increasingly, for hiring. Plus, all that talk about SEO, or search engine optimization? Your LinkedIn profile is a key component and should be a cornerstone in your social media effort. Plus, basic participation is free so there's really not reason not to take advantage of this tool

There are two parts to having a LinkedIn presence: First, your individual profile -- and profiles of your agency producers. Second, establishing your company page. Today, we'll offer tips on optimizing your profile page and we will revisit company pages and other aspects of LinkedIn in a future post.

The best advice we've seen to date on maximizing your LinkedIn profile is this one-stop Infographic created by Melonie Dodaro at TopDog Social Media. It graphically depicts 21 steps to optimize your profile. Don't be discouraged if some steps seem ambitious at first - such as having at least 500 connections and joining 50 groups. Use it as a best-practice guide to make incremental and consistent improvements to your profile over time.

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