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Post-catastrophe lawsuits for agent "failure to advise" are trending up

Insureds are increasingly bringing their brokers and agents to court for failure to advise about potential risks or coverage options, according to a recent article in Risk and Insurance.  The article cites several legal experts who note an increase in litigation and a trend indicating that insureds are holding agents to a higher standard than...

Insurance Proposal E & O Benefits - Part 1

One of our favorite expert contributors, shares his ideas for how to be sure your proposals help to prevent an E&O situation rather than make a bad situation worse in the event of a claim. Read Part 1 and then be sure to return for Part 2 later this...

Super Storm Sandy Could Have Been Worse for Some Agencies

As one of our value-added service providers, Curt Pearsall is brings a wealth of knowledege to our agents regarding how to avoid errors and ommissions claims.  Read his observations of what went wrong and what went right for agents in the case of Super Storm...

Insuring Restaurants and Taverns: Don't Let Them Give You Heartburn

Our guest blogger and E&O expert Curtis Pearsall of Pearsall & Assciates shares his tips for being sure we, as agents, dot the i's and cross the t's when it comes to insuring restaurants and taverns.

Chances are just about every town in our great country has a couple of restaurants /taverns, so your pursuit of these risks is fairly likely. Unfortunately, since these risks have generated more than their fair share of E&O claims, before you take that first step, it is important to...

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