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The Future of Independent Insurance Agencies: Jumping Off Cliffs And Learning To Fly
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The Future of Independent Insurance Agencies: Jumping Off Cliffs And Learning To Fly

Our very own Bruce Cochrane joins renowned Agencies Online chairman George Nordhaus in this 35 minute webinar for independent insurance agencies. Topics range from the current state of our industry, what the future holds, how we can adapt to the changing market, and how agency aggregators (AKA "agency clusters" or "agency groupings") can contribute to success.

Overview of Subject Matter:

  • Shrinking Commission Revenue,
  • Driver-less Cars,
  • Predictive Modeling,
  • Connected v. Unconnected,
  • Top Down, Bottom Up,
  • New Relationship Equation,
  • Carrier Alignment "Tug of War",
  • What's At Stake?
  • What Are Agents To Do? (Efficiency And Technological Capability),
  • Acquisitions,
  • Becoming Digital & Social,
  • Mastering Metadata Analytics,
  • 13 Points to IA Success,
  • Why These Are Still Exciting Times.
  • Check out what George has to say about it below:

    "In my 50+ years of working for and with independent the creation of hundreds of cassette tapes, CD's, seminars, conventions, and practically every other form of communication....., I have never experienced a more insightful, concise, "right to the point" overview of where our industry is now and where it is heading in the years ahead. I hope every RAIS agency, every person who receives this Monday Morning, and yes, every trade press publisher will look and listen to Bruce Cochrane's inspired presentation...then help pass the word to everybody in the American Agency System."

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