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Your agency’s social media by the numbers: 34 minutes, 36 rules
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Your agency’s social media by the numbers: 34 minutes, 36 rules

How long should you devote to social media every day? Some people think it's a full time job or that it requires at least a few hours a day -- but that's not necessarily the case. It does require discipline and making it a regular part of your routine -- but it can be accomplished in much less time. Dana Sullivan Kilroy suggests you can represent your brand amply by devoting 34 minutes or less a day to social media and explains how in some detail, covering Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We'd encourage blog posts a few times a week, too, which would give you some proprietary content to post on the social networks. One added benefit to making social media a part of your daily routine is that in addition to building your brand, interacting with potential customers and networking within the industry, you are also keeping very current on news and issues that affect the industry.

And as you embark on your 34 minutes a day, check out this fun tool: The 36 Rules of Social Media - an infographic chock full of tried and true tips, wisdom and hints. The tips were submitted by readers of Fast Company. Click here for a larger PDF poster version.



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