Holiday greetings, seasonal safety and more: Agency social media themes for December

We're right in the middle of holiday season: Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza loom on the horizon, followed quickly by the New Year. December is the ideal time to reach out to clients to spread some holiday cheer. It;s also a good time to offer tips on seasonal liability and consumer protection, both for families and businesses. You might also suggest some New Year's financial resolutions. We’ve compiled links to special events to use in your social media campaigns – some offer a good opportunity to create a dialogue about coverage.

Avoid expensive copyright claims on your agency blog and website

It's very important that if you use photos or graphic images on your website, your blog or your social media accounts, you are careful about how you source those images. If you simply grab photos from Google's image search or find them elsewhere on the web, you could be inadvertently violating a copyright. The penalty for such violations can be steep, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
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