May themes for your agency’s social media: Biking, boating, safety & more

Memorial Day ushers in the summer season, but between now and then, there are many May events that provide opportunities to reach out to your customers via email and social media.For a commercial safety focus, think electrical safety, occupational safety and building safety. For personal safety, think, motorcycles, boating, tires and hurricane prep. And as the weather warms, people will spend more time outdoors, a perfect time for National Bike Month and Senior Health & Fitness Month. Here's a list of May events with links to give you a jump start in your communications.

April Agency social media themes: Financial literacy, taxes, safety campaigns & spring maintenance

As spring takes root, many events kick off the season, from Marathon Monday to Easter and Passover. It's also a month that's got a big focus on money: Financial Literacy Month and Tax Day. There are also several safety-related national awareness campaigns: window safety, work zone awareness, public health, distracted driving and youth sports safety - great opportunities for tip sheets on your blog or messages on social media. And don't forget about seasonal maintenance communications, too, for reminders about home, property and vehicle maintenance.

March Madness, Mardi Gras, Spring, Daylight Savings and more social media themes for your agency

March Madness is upon us. From the NCAA and Mardi Gras early in the month to World Poetry Day and National Puppy Day later in the month, there's something for everyone to celebrate. This affords many opportunities to interact with your customers and community online. With Daylight Savings and the First Day of Spring, it's time to shake of the winter blahs and start prepping for mud & bud season. We've got dates and links to jump start your social media campaigns.

10 "Dos and Don'ts" of replying to bad reviews

You open Google search results and see a scathing review about your company. Oh no! It can happen to any business. Maybe it's a fair complaint or maybe it's not - it doesn't matter because that review will be associated with your agency's search results going forward. How you do or don't respond to that complaint will speak volumes about your agency. We offer a quick list of "Dos and Don'ts" for replying to a bad review.

Agency social media themes for February: Hearts, Random Acts of Kindness & African American History

In February, Valentine's Day always gets all the attention but there are many opportunities for you to reach out to your customers and community to show some love. One of our favorites is Random Acts of Kindness, celebrated over the course of a week. One super great random act of kindness would be to sign up to be an organ donor on Valentine's Day, a great acknowledgement of American Hearth Month.
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