May social media themes for your agency: Celebrating Moms, heroes and more

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When you plan your May social media, put Mom front and center! But there are also days devoted to other heroes among us: nurses, police, EMTs, and teachers. We've also suggested other observances and events for your agency to highlight in your client communications.
Mother's Day message with baby girl holding a flower

Life goes on! Many states are starting to ease coronavirus shutdowns and lift stay-at-home orders, although we’re likely to be keeping social-distancing practices for the foreseeable future. But take heart – spring is in the air and Memorial Day at the end of May ushers in the summer season. Between now and then, there are many May observances that offer opportunities to reach out to your customers via email and social media.

First and foremost, it’s a month to celebrate the heroes among us, starting with your Mom! Mother’s Day falls on the 10th of the month – even if you can’t share the event in person, plan a virtual event.  And this month, there are also designated days or weeks to pay tribute to the heroes among us who have particularly distinguished themselves in our time of crisis: Nurses, police, EMTs, and teachers. It would be great to pay particular tribute to each in your social media and in your community.

A few events that traditionally happen this month like the Kentucky Derby and the Indianapolis 500 have been postponed until later in the year, but there are still many virtual events happening and a lot to talk about. For a commercial client focus, think electrical safety, occupational safety, and building safety. For personal customers, think motorcycles, boating and water safety, tire safety, and hurricane prep. And as the weather warms (it has to at some point, right?) people will spend more time outdoors, a perfect time for National Bike Month and Senior Health & Fitness Month.

Here’s a list of May events to use in mailers and social media – with links to give you a jump start!

May social media – month-long observances

May social media themes – Weekly Events

May 3-9 – Hurricane Preparedness Week

May 3-9 – North American Occupational Safety and Health Week

May 3-9 – National Pet Week

May 10-16 – National Women’s Health Week

May 10-16  – National Police Week

May 16-22 – National Safe Boating Week

May 17-23 – National Emergency Medical Services Week

May 18-24  – National Tire Safety Week

May social media – Special Days & Events

May 5 – Cinco de Mayo

May 5 – National Teachers Day

May 10 – Mothers’ Day

May 12 – International Nurses Day

May 18 – International Museum Day

May 25 – Memorial Day

May 27 – Senior Health & Fitness Day


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