Top 20 Consumer Blog posts illustrate the power of blogging

We’re posting the 20 most popular posts on our Consumer Blog for 2017. They reflect the issues that generated the most interest over the last year – although notably, only 7 posts were actually written and posted in the past year. About two-thirds of the posts that proved popular this year came from the archives – as far back as 2003, which demonstrates the power of a blog. Back blog posts have value, continue to turn up in searches and to bring new visitors to a site.

Blogs are a way for you to position yourself as an expert and they have a tremendous value in the search engines. If done right, they enhance your brand and provide fresh, interesting content for your site visitors. Some agencies think it is sufficient to post on social media, and although we certainly encourage that, your blog is your own proprietary tool. We recommend posting on your own blog first and then deploying those posts to social media to extend the reach. That way, the value of the effort you put in to a post accrues back to your own site.

And just a reminder: The Consumer Blog is a shared resource so make the most of it.

  • You can have the RSS feed of recent posts appear on your site – let us know if you’d like to know how.
  • You can use the posts as items to post to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn – thee are icons under each post that make it easy.
  • You can search the archives for topical ideas for posts to write on your blog.
  • You can “reframe” a post and use it on your blog. One word of caution – don’t copy the entire post exactly because 1) Google doesn’t like duplicate content 2) Images might be copyrighted. But you can come up with a new title, write a paragraph or two of your commentary on the topic. You can link to the blog and even use and use an excerpt.

Here are the 2017 Top Consumer Insurance Blog Posts

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