Resource Maximizer

Resource Maximizer

RAIS Resource Maximizer outsourcing platform with ReSource Pro expedites processing of ratings, endorsements, and other routine policy service tasks. This is designed to free up your team to focus on revenue generating activities and deliver raving fan service to your agency customers.

  • 24 hour Production – Tasks assigned during the day are completed overnight and available when your CSRs arrive for work the following morning.
  • Team Based Processing – Cross-training of multiple Resource Maximizer team members assures constant production with no down time due to absenteeism or peak season volume requirements.
  • Training in all RAIS systems – Resource Maximizer team members have been trained by RAIS on COGDA, ImageRight, WinRater, and AMS 360. They are proficient in all these systems, as well as multiple carrier online PL and CL rating systems and online carrier document download procedures.
  • Quality Control – Resource Maximizer team members are held to the highest standards of accuracy. Their Team Leader performs quality control and production and turn-around time metrics to ensure maximum efficiencies and accuracy in tasks performed.
  • RAIS Project Management – RAIS staff facilitate communication, administration and incorporate best practices into program workflows.

Resource Maximizer offers these and many other benefits to your agency, freeing your agency staff from routine processing tasks so they can focus on revenue production and nurturing and growing your customer relationships. You owe it to yourself and to your staff to learn more about this incredible tool to turbo charge your efficiency, your quality control and grow your top and bottom lines.


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