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"I've been able to take advantage of a lot of services ... in one case, the client had a very high experience mod and was stuck in the assigned risk pool ... I worked with a work comp specialist from Renaissance ... that insured now is with an admitted carrier and we were able to save them tens of thousands of dollars."

- Gary Blaustein


"The Renaissance model is helpful in not having to negotiate with all the various carriers ... they handle a lot of the backroom meetings ... the carriers who come to our office now talk strictly about product - it's a much better relationship because we're not dealing with the numbers all the time."

- Robert Oman


"We draw upon resources we can't replicate on our own ... every time, with great success, we are the envy of national brokers ... it's a 'can do' culture across the organization ... I've never been a part of something so amazing ... Cabot has doubled in size in the last 10 years."

- Joe Callahan

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Kathy Silvia

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When I look back now, I recognize the reasons I initially joined Renaissance Alliance are far different from those I realize today. I label myself as a small agent, although I am probably representative of what makes up the majority of independent agents across the country. So, I originally joined Renaissance for the markets.

Beyond much greater access to markets, I have realized so many more benefits as an Alliance Constellation Agency. The automation is certainly one of them. The software applications available from Renaissance are six steps above what I had before, and it’s wonderful. The Alliance systems-support people are great when I run into a problem, they are always there for assistance. The expectations I had for profit share were that they would be greater than I had achieved as a stand-alone agency. Never in my wildest imagination did I see them growing to their present level. For my largest carrier, I have seen a significant increase over what I could have normally received on my own. And being part of the Alliance allows me to deliver more products and enhanced services to my clients. So, it’s just been unbelievable.

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