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Workers’ Comp Whitepaper: Medical Only Claims in Massachusetts

Most agents have received this question from workers’ comp clients at some point: Can we just pay the smaller medical-only claims ourselves rather than go through the insurer? At one time, this “off-the-books” practice was fairly commonplace — but is it a good idea? We offer guidance for agents and employers alike in this short whitepaper.

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The Renaissance Guide to Temporary Modified Duty
A Guide for Employers

Many employers are aware that temporary modified duty (TMD) is a good option to help injured workers return to work and lower the cost of a claim. It’s the most effective tool in the employer’s comp control tool box, but like any tool, it has to be used properly. When it comes to modified duty, one size definitely does not fit all.

The Employer Guide provides a summary of TMD essentials:

  • Introduction to Temporary Modified Duty
  • When and How to Use Temporary Modified Duty
  • Six Essential Employer Steps for an Effective Program

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2017 UPDATE: NCCI’s Revised Experience Modification Calculation

Beginning in 2013 NCCI radically changed the way experience modification factors are calculated. While some employers have seen lower premiums resulting from the new approach, many others have experienced sticker shock as their premiums rise.

Our White Paper explains the new methodology and its implications for all insureds:

  • A comparison of the old and new calculations
  • The disproportionate impact of the changes on smaller insureds
  • Support for agents and insureds in developing strategies for lowering experience mods and the cost of insurance

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