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Key Milestones in the Workers Comp Policy Year

We've updated our handy guide to the workers comp policy year and key dates that you and your clients should keep an eye on to prevent unexpected losses and unhappy conversations at renewal. Workers comp is among the most loss-sensitive policies issued to your insureds. The more they use it, the higher their premiums. Agents need to be aware of the key milestones in the policy year. We outline the flow of the policy year: what happens, when, and what insureds need to know in order to manage their costs.

Focus on Workers Comp: Who Pays for Medical Marijuana?

An injured worker suffered from pain, insomnia and twitching. Standard treatment through opioids was ineffective and carried the specter of addiction. So his doctor wrote him a prescription for medical marijuana. The results were impressive: the pain abated, his sleep improved and the twitching ceased. His anxiety and anger subsided. As a prescribed medication, the marijuana would be covered by the workers comp policy, right?

Focus on Workers Comp: Injury Free Employers at Risk?

Every once in a while we come across a company that has never had a workers comp claim. Through a combination of good training and good luck, they have never had to respond to a workplace injury. They never sent an injured worker to the ER. They never designed an appropriate modified duty job for a recovering worker. And they never had to determine the root cause of a serious accident. But this admirable clean slate can sometimes be a problem ...

Focus on Workers Comp: Think you know how to tie a shoe?

Recently, we talked about the top 10 causes of disabling injuries at work ... slips, trips and falls were three of the 10 most common events leading to a work injury. That brought to mind one of our all-time most popular posts by our work comp expert Jon Coppelman on a real-life work injury claim based on shoelace safety, or the lack of it. We're reprinting it below.

Top 10 Causes of Disabling Injuries at Work

Liberty Mutual's Annual Workplace Safety Index ranks the top 10 most serious workplace injuries by their direct cost to employers. It analyzes non-fatal injury data to determine which events caused injuries that result in employees missing more than five days of work. This helpful infographic is great information for agents to share with commercial accounts to help focus safety and prevention efforts on the specific risks they face.
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