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Social Media Calendar

Your agency’s social media themes for December

The year is speeding by and rushing to a close! Time to shake off the Thanksgiving torpor – the holiday season has begun! Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa loom on the horizon, then before you know it, we’re ringing in the New Year. December is the time to reach out to clients with holiday cheer and tips on seasonal liability and consumer protection for families and businesses. Santa’s not the only one hitting the road this time of year – track his progress as he travels!

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crowd at doors on Black Friday shopping
Workers' Comp

Workers Comp Meets Black Friday

From a shopper’s perspective, the danger begins and ends in the parking lot, where several fatalities have occurred. There have also been violent encounters as shoppers fight over valued items. But let’s focus on employees and the workers comp exposures unique to this event, which begin with unruly crowds at the door and extend through the tricky restocking of bulky, sometimes heavy items in the midst of the chaos; material handling, the highest risk in retail, becomes a nightmare under these circumstances.

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Agency Growth

Cyber Risk: The best opportunity for Independent Agents since the invention of the automobile

With every problem comes opportunity, as Renaissance Alliance CEO Bruce Cochrane discusses in his article Cyber Risk: The best opportunity for Independent Agents since the invention of the automobile, published in the November 1 issue of The Standard. Because cyber risk is pervasive and no business is immune, it offers an enormous growth opportunity for savvy insurance agents.

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Digital Marketing

Why Insurance Agency Blogging Matters and 10 Blog Post Ideas

Here’s a something we’ve frequently heard: “Does agency blogging matter anymore?  We post on Facebook instead. ” We answered this a few years ago with reasons why agency blogging matters, even in this age of pervasive social media channels.  We’re updating those reasons today because we think agency blogging is a great tool to bolster your business and your brand.

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MA RMV reminder man using new computer portal
Agency Management

Reminder: MA RMV switches to new ATLAS portal Nov. 12

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will suspend services over Veteran’s day weekend as it transitions technology to the new ATLAS portal. This will include office closures and suspension of phone, online and vehicle inspection services. As of November 12, ATLAS will replace vehicle services and the ALARS system will be retired.

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News & Views

Anthony Amoruso Named Senior Agency Recruitment Specialist in Florida

Oscar L. Miniet, Regional Executive Vice President, made the announcement, saying that Amoruso’s primary role will be to continue expanding and growing agency membership in Florida’s Alliance. He says: “We couldn’t be happier about adding this highly respected insurance veteran to our team. Tony has been a household name in the Florida industry for many years having represented prestigious insurance companies throughout southern Florida. His industry expertise is top notch.”

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ghosted figures representing phantom companies to defraud work comp
Workers' Comp

Workers Comp: Tale of the Phantom Subcontractors

Misclassification in Massachusetts is a felony with sentences of up to five years. Earlier this month, a man pled guilty to defrauding his workers comp carrier and was sentenced to one year in the Middlesex House of Correction, with 6 months to serve. He is also required to make restitution to the insurer. Finally, he is barred from bidding on municipal projects for two years.

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carpenter to illustrate new CT workers comp obligtions
Workers' Comp

CT Workers Comp: Good News & Bad News for Single-member LLCs

CT insurance agents take note: If you insure single member Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs), a recent CT court decision affects them and may require action. For as long as any of us can remember, single member Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs) were not required to carry workers comp insurance. The court decision changes this.

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