5 Questions with a Renaissance Alliance Member: Greg Marholin, Randall Personal and Commercial Insurance

Orlando, Fla. Renaissance member Greg Marholin shares how Randall Personal and Commercial Insurance keeps its customers and employees happy through the use of strategy, technology, and virtual assistants.

Randall Insurance Group is the public-facing name of Randall Personal & Commercial Insurance Inc. and is owned by Randall Construction Holdings. Can you briefly explain the relationship between the insurance-selling arm and the parent company, and how the two work in concert?

Randall Construction is the leading self-performing construction company serving Florida and the southeast for more than 35 years. Randall is a trusted partner to many great companies and organizations such as Lennar, Disney, the University of Florida, Amazon, and the State of Florida. Jeff Condello, our CEO, had the vision to see the insurance industry as a very viable sector when done correctly. I was brought in to evaluate the company and develop a plan to scale the business. In the last five months we have rebranded and relaunched our business. We have brought on a new team of top-notch industry individuals to execute our business plan to provide service excellence, ease of doing business, insurance expertise, and broad access to markets to our current and future customers.

How would you describe the process through which Randall Insurance sells insurance products to contractors you do business with, as well as personal lines products to employees?

RPCI is a relationship-based agency. We have solidified our foundation with the technology and people to be able to support offering best-in-class personal and commercial insurance products to Randall’s approximately 1,500 employees and 1,000+ contractor and other partners. Our website uses technology to allow our prospective customers to communicate with us easily and on their schedule. We have created portals for our employees, contractor partners, and sourcing partners giving them a personalized experience. We are available when they need us and we speak their language – Spanish, Portuguese, French, and French Creole in addition to English, of course. We then educate our customers to make sure they have the proper protection at the best value.

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Florida is a market known for rebuilding after extreme weather events, and the insurance market there is suffering due to fraud perpetrated by shady contractors. Tell me about the Managed Repair Program you’ve established, and how that works.

Randall already does business with the top builders in Florida. Due to the scale of these relationships, it is imperative we control our own supply chain and workforce to ensure quality work in a timely manner. Randall literally has truckloads of materials such as flooring, cabinets, and other building materials needed to fulfill our contracts with our customers. We are able to offer insurers a unique Managed Repair Program by a trusted and vetted partner at a lower cost. We control costs through our buying power, inventory of materials, and work done by Randall employees (and enhanced by well vetted sub-contractors when needed).

Our RPCI customers will be enrolled in the Randall program when they have multiple policies with our agency. This is an opt-in program; our customers will have a trusted contractor and will get priority scheduling as a RPCI customer. This is especially valuable after extreme weather events when materials and quality contractors are in short supply. Residential construction usually stops for 30 to 45 days after extreme weather events. Our workers who would otherwise be furloughed are available to help our agency and insurer customers.

Randall Insurance offers GloveBoxApp to all of its customers. What’s the thought process behind that strategy?

GloveBoxApp is a great solution to help our customers manage their policies from a single source. Our customers often have multiple policies and all of them may not be with the same agency. Someone may have a policy directly with an insurer, have another agent in another state or another agent for their commercial policies for their business. We provide value to our customers by allowing them to know that Randall Personal & Commercial Insurance is their trusted advisor and one stop for managing all of their policies, regardless of whether we’re their agent of record or not. This saves our customers time and alleviates frustration. It also provides us a complete view of their entire insurance portfolio, which allows us to be a better advisor to them.

How has working with virtual assistants (VAs) enabled you to better serve your customers?

RPCI hires best-in-class team members to serve our clients. In today’s job market, finding talent is difficult and the cost has skyrocketed. VAs have allowed us to enhance our team by taking away work that can be handled by an unlicensed individual. This often includes answering the phone, service work, appointment setting, running quotes for licensed agents, and special projects. The quality of work from the VAs is exceptional and their work ethic is outstanding. The use of VAs has also helped to improve the job satisfaction of our in-office team, as they are able to focus on higher-value interactions with our customers that require a deeper knowledge of insurance. Happy employees make happy customers.

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