Artificial Intelligence and Insurance: Empowering Human Connections

Artificial Intelligence - people being connected

Michael Freilich, EVP & Chief Technology Officer at Renaissance Alliance, was recently published in Insurance CIO Outlook discussing Artificial Intelligence.

In his role as CTO, it’s part of Michael’s mission to assess technologies that will benefit agency members. In this article, he looks at Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is rife with possibilities for insurance, ranging from intelligent automated interactions and personalized service to processing efficiencies. But AI and its business applications are evolving. Michael talks about the theoretical uses of AI versus the reality that he has observed where the rubber meets the road in an agent’s office. The real potential is in empowering human connections.

In the article, he says:

“Indeed, there is a place for AI in the insurance agent’s office today, and there can be value in the AI that startups are deploying, but the best use of this technology currently is not for automating interactions — it is for empowering and connecting people. And the real challenge facing the insurance industry is not in producing AI-generated insights, but in delivering these findings to agents in a way that takes into account the real technology limitations and the restrictions they face. The industry is starved for software that is intuitive, responsive, effortless, and fun to use. We need technology that delivers information quickly and seamlessly to the people who use it, that makes the value of analytics easy for agents to understand, and that empowers them to apply its findings to their advantage. Truly, the way in which the software delivers these insights is as important as the data itself.”

Read the full article: Artificial Intelligence Empowering People Not Machines.


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