How to Join an Insurance Agency Aggregator and Still Retain Control of Your Business

Inside an insurance agency, where the owners would like to join an aggregator but remain in control.

One of the most important elements in an agency owner’s success is the entrepreneurial spirit, your hard-won independence. Knowing that your potential success is limited only by your sales expertise and the work you tirelessly put into your agency every day is what continually drives you to excel.

That independence is highly prized by agency principals as you continue to win appointments with carriers, build your book, hire staff, and provide the best service possible to your clients.

There comes a point, however, when the agency principal’s vision for their business begins to evolve.

Perhaps you want to explore getting into new coverage lines, or you want to find a way to leverage technology to make your agency more efficient. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to have a partner assist in managing your carrier relationships, or expand the reach of your agency by tackling your capacity restraints to help free up your producers so they can concentrate solely on selling.

The right insurance agency network can be an essential partner in these areas.

The various agency networks available offer a variety of member benefits, although it’s fair to say that not all networks are created equal. Not every network prizes the independence of its member agencies, but one network works directly with its members to ensure their autonomy.

The benefits offered by Renaissance are built with this critical goal in mind – to allow our members to remain the architects of their own destiny. Our members run their agencies 100% of the time.

Assuming control of your agency is simply not what Renaissance does. What we offer are the tools to empower your growth and drive more revenue, which adds to the financial strength of our overall agency network and further enables us the leverage to advocate on our members’ behalf for fixed overrides, growth bonuses, higher commissions, and enhanced profit sharing.

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More than a network, we provide your agency reliable, consistent revenue as well as resources offered by no other network that empower your agency to concentrate on what’s most important: selling to clients and providing exceptional service.

Our member agencies take advantage of our tools and resources, and in doing so, they become more successful. Renaissance members earn more revenue and grow up to four times faster than the average independent agency.

All the while, control of your agency is retained by you. With Renaissance, the agency principal remains the person to make the decisions around how your business is managed – not Renaissance. Rather, we provide a full suite of benefits to enable you to accelerate your agency’s success, providing positive financial results for you and our network.

Renaissance serves as a valuable resource on every front for your agency, from expanded carrier access to technology, back-office support, and a variety of other empowering tools designed to make your business more efficient, more connected, and more successful than it currently is.

Renaissance works with P&C agency owners to provide you with the people and technology for your agency to thrive while remaining independent. Learn more here about how Renaissance can:

  • Secure reliable, consistent revenue for your agency through fixed overrides, growth bonuses, higher commissions, and enhanced profit sharing
  • Empower your agency with easy-to-use, proprietary technology that makes you money
  • Increase your customer close ratios and retention via expanded carrier options
  • Remove the time-consuming burden of transactional activities for you and your staff, enabling you to focus on selling
  • Reduce your expenses
  • Help to grow your premium and revenue up to 4 times the average rate

All while your agency remains 100% independently owned and operated.

At Renaissance, our team is your team. Contact us to learn more about how you can fulfill your vision for your agency while you remain in complete control of your business.

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