Arno: How to Manage Your Insurance Agency from Anywhere

An insurance agency owner uses the Arno app to manage his account renewals.

The single most valuable asset for an agency principal is time. Finding time to sell, time to serve clients, time to tend to your books, time to manage your staff – the to-do list often seems endless.

As a result, many agency owners believe they can’t spend too much time away from their agencies, for fear of losing touch with their staff. What’s more, agency principals hoping to keep up with renewals are challenged by not having all of their customer data in a single spot where they can view their client base and develop strategies.

However, there is a way for principals to achieve both of these things – and that solution fits in the palm of your hand. That tool is Arno – the premier mobile app for independent insurance agency principals, available exclusively to Renaissance members.

How it Works

Principals have struggled for years to get better reporting out of their agency management systems, in order to better organize their customer data and unlock new selling opportunities. Arno provides a complete, easy-to-navigate overview of your agency’s business by sorting and displaying your client data, showing you areas in which you can gain more revenue.

With Arno, you can flag revenue opportunities, set goals, monitor performance, set reminders, and alert your team to take actions on client accounts. An overview of your agency’s entire client base is available at your fingertips, 24/7.

The app’s newly expanded Business Snapshot page allows you a complete view all your agency’s top carriers, the lines of business they write with your agency, and the associated premium & commissions.

Track by LOB and customize the date range. Learn more here.

Arno’s Carrier Movement section helps agencies optimize their revenue by providing them a full view of which carriers customers have been moved to, complete with policy details.

The Renewal Feed section pulls up a curated list of all your upcoming renewals, including identified “Win-Back” accounts to take back this year.

Discover an account lost by your agency? Send an e-mail right from Arno to the producer responsible, for follow-up.

Interested in knowing how much new business your agency brought in last week, or in the past month? Navigate right from Arno’s home screen to find out, and set premium goals.

Did one of your CSRs close a notable deal? Arno enables you to send out e-mails directly to your staff to congratulate them.

Renaissance member agencies can also use Arno to check the status of their active submissions in the system: Arno is integrated with Renaissance’s submission management platform, Portico, so you can see all of your active submissions (which carriers have provided quotes, which are still in progress), and members can even e-mail their Renaissance Placement Specialist and the Account Manager directly from the app.

With Arno, agency principals can now view and manage their entire book of business from anywhere. Watch the video below to see how this exclusive app can work for you.

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