Insurance Aggregators: What Are They & Should You Join One?

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What Is An Insurance Agency Aggregator

As your independent insurance agency grows, your responsibilities as principal grow as well.

Handling the day-to-day business can make it difficult to keep up with industry changes and focus on selling, finding efficiencies in technology, and building proactive strategies. This can keep you from evolving with the industry and prevent you from maximizing your results and long-term growth.

So what is the solution many independent insurance agencies are turning to?

Insurance Aggregators.

An insurance aggregator is a group of independent agencies that band together to combine premiums, giving its members the scale and advantages that are usually only available to the largest agencies. These advantages may include higher levels of commission, incentives, profit sharing that insurance carriers often dish out to larger agencies first, fixed overrides, and more.

While there are many benefits to joining an Insurance Aggregator, all Aggregators are not created equal. Each offers unique benefits and member services. We have listed a few key benefits below that we believe are very important for an Aggregator to offer, and that will help you grow your independent agency faster.

Access To New Markets

One of the most attractive benefits of joining an Insurance Aggregator is access to new markets and carriers. Insurance market access is critical to developing a winning insurance agency. Without wide enough market access, you won’t be able to build a strong book of business because you won’t have the ability to provide the right options for your clients.

An Insurance Aggregator has the ability to step in and provide you with market access to the carriers they have teamed up with the moment you become a member.

Renaissance Alliance Market Access Snapshot

Typically, access to new markets is a difficult process for independent agents, requiring a significant premium commitment.

Insurance Aggregators give independent agents access to multiple carriers in order to provide their clients with a myriad of options including type of coverage plans and the best price. They are directly connected with carriers themselves and leverage their pre-established relationships to help agents become appointed to write business with those carriers.

Access To A Community Of Peers

As the old African Proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Insurance Agency Peer SupportChoosing the right Insurance Aggregator can give you a lot more than just access to new markets. It can also provide you with a community of peers striving for the same goals.

At Renaissance Alliance, our members receive incredible benefits when it comes to peer support, including:

  • Networking and learning events
  • Quarterly member meetings
  • Topical member webinars and seminars
  • A member advisory committee


As part of the bigger picture, the ability to interact with other insurance professionals can often lead to future partnerships, merger and acquisition opportunities, and feeling more supported via having peers to bounce ideas off of.

Whether you are a newer agent or a seasoned veteran, being part of a group of peers working toward the same goals can lead to massive growth.

The Ability to Grow Your Agency

While some Insurance Aggregators are formed strictly to give agencies access to new markets and enhance compensation, others are formed to support independent insurance agencies and help them grow their businesses.

The Insurance Aggregator you choose should be one that is committed to helping your agency grow while remaining 100% independently owned and operated.

Insurance Agency Growth Benchmarks

Aside from the typical benefits of market access and increased profit sharing standard to most Insurance Aggregators, the right partner will offer many additional benefits and services to help you grow. For example, these are just a few of the services we offer our members at Renaissance Alliance:

1. Outsourcing of non-revenue generating activities

This can include marketing and placing of policies; agency billing and collection; accounting services including monthly commission reconciliation; carrier consolidation; and sales and marketing services.

2. A Dedicated Agency Growth Partner

With Renaissance Alliance, you have access to a full time team of experienced placement specialists to assist with renewals and find markets for complex risks.  In addition to that, each of our member agencies are assigned a dedicated growth partner to help them develop strategies for growth, benchmark their performance against industry peers and fully utilize industry tools to strengthen their agency.

3. Use of Technology, Data & Analytics

Renaissance Alliance members are able to use our proprietary technology dashboards and reporting tools to identify areas of growth and opportunity. This includes a mobile app for agency principals, a submission system with a small commercial comparative rater, and  dedicated training services and helpdesk support.

Most importantly, you will want to partner with an aggregator that allows you to remain 100% independent and retain complete ownership of your agency. Bonus points if you don’t have to pay entrance or exit fees. Pay close attention to the details of the membership contract.

Should You Join An Insurance Aggregator?

Independent insurance agencies are increasingly joining Insurance Aggregators, and for good reason. Aggregators can provide them with access to new markets at a higher compensation level than they would otherwise get on their own, access to a community of like-minded, growth driven peers, and the ability to grow their agencies faster and more efficiently than they otherwise could.

This all results in a bigger book of business, higher levels of commission, and consistent, predictable profit sharing.

Ultimately, should you decide to join an Insurance Aggregator, choose one that is as committed to your growth as you are. The aggregator you choose should act as more than just a tool for increased profits, but as a business partner dedicated to the growth of your insurance agency.

At Renaissance Alliance, our team of 90+ experts, technology, data analytics capabilities and member services catapult our members to grow their premium, revenue and agency value. We also have a constantly expanding network of growth partners, proprietary technology and software, and more.

Renaissance Alliance member testimonial

Get in touch with Renaissance today to find out how to get started.

Renaissance Alliance is an Insurance Aggregator that works with independent P&C agency owners to grow your premium, maximize your revenue and increase the value of your agency. This is done by increasing profit sharing and fixed override revenue while simultaneously outsourcing non-revenue generating activities to focus on your core business. The net effect is increased revenue, decreased expenses, and accelerated agency growth.

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About Renaissance Alliance

Renaissance Alliance works with independent property casualty agency owners to grow your premium, maximize your revenue and increase the value of your agency through increased profit sharing, guaranteed override revenue and offloading non-revenue generating activities. The net effect is higher revenue, decreased expenses, improved operational efficiency, and accelerated agency growth.


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