Workers' Compensation Expertise

Members of the Renaissance Alliance team have deep expertise in workers' compensation, with an aggregate of more than 200 years of experience. Our Marketing & Placement Team have an average of 22 years working with insurers in the workers’ compensation arena. In addition to marketing and placement, we offer our members the following service:

Account Level Consulting

  • Explaining experience rating: Understanding the relationship of losses to the cost of insurance. Training for agency staff and key insured personnel in the fundamentals of workers' comp and key management steps for controlling losses
  • Strategic analysis of the experience mod: the impact of individual claims, year by year, with projections of the ex mod for future years
  • Open claims reviews: ensuring that carriers have a timely and effective plan for each open claim; analyzing claim strategies in the context of experience mod impact.
  • Trouble shooting: managing injuries in the workplace; timely intervention in difficult situations; self-payment of medical only claims; advice on which incidents need to be reported. Telephone HelpLine for agents and their insureds whenever needed.
  • Support on human resource management issues: best practices in hiring, discipline and termination; drug testing; pre-placement physicals; ADA and FMLA considerations.

Among our expert staff:

  • Bruce Cochrane, our founder and Chief Executive Officer, has been a leader in workers' compensation since the late 1980s, when he pioneered workers’ compensation group self-insurance in Massachusetts and formed and managed a successful self-insurance group (SIG) for Massachusetts union contractors. In 1991 he was instrumental in the passage of the landmark Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Reform Act of 1991, which served as a nationwide model for workers’ compensation reform. He also assisted the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance in the establishment of SIG regulations. He was recently named Chair of the Governing Committee, Workers’ Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau of Massachusetts (WCRIBMA) for a one-year term as an insurance carrier representative. This marks Cochrane’s 26th year of service to WCRIBMA. During those years, he is the only person to have served as Chair five times and to hold the Chair for two consecutive terms.
  • Jon Coppelman, Senior Workers' Compensation Consultant was a leading consultant for Lynch, Ryan & Associates, a national workers' compensation consulting firm, for more than 20 years. Jon was responsible for drafting and delivering “user friendly” training in all aspects of workers' comp. He has worked with Fortune 500 and Main Street businesses across the country.


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