Expert advice: The importance of leadership in motivating your agency team

Agency principals wear many hats, but probably none are more important than that of leading the agency team: setting the vision and the goals, and inspiring people daily. Business leadership guru Ken Blanchard says "Great managers aren't born, they're trained." How often do you have a refresher course to hone and refresh your leadership skills? We offer two Ken Blanchard anecdotes highlighting the importance of your role as leader.

The insurance chatbots are coming

Myth: No one wants to talk to a machine. Reality: Millions of people are happily engaging with iPhone’s Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant. Every day, people are having their questions answered via customer service chatbots, both by voice and by text. Artifical Intelligence (AI) is powering these agents, which grow more sophisticated by the day. Gartner predicts that by 2020, AI will handle 85% of all customer service interactions.

Annals of Workers Comp: Sort of Comp?

When is disability coverage for workers not quite workers comp? When it's part of an optional program that covers workers who are not quite employees. Confused? Read on. Uber, in the news lately for the wrong reasons, has taken steps to provide a disability program for its drivers (who are still not employees of Uber).

Black Business Month, Farmer’s Markets, Elvis Week & more: August events for your agency’s social media

There’s still a lot of summer left and many seasonal activities throughout New England in August, from clam fests and farmers’ markets to seasonal sports. There are many fun national events, too, like International Beer Day, Lighthouse Day and Elvis Week. August is also Black Business Month, a good time to reach out to your black business insureds.

Opportunities and challenges of workplace automation

We're at the dawn of a workplace revolution as automation and artificial intelligence are increasingly adapted into everyday work settings. What recently sounded like a far-distant science fiction future is actually a reality and knocking at our doors. McKinsey Quarterly talks about these advances and offers a A CEO action plan for workplace automation in its July edition.
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