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Blogging: Why your agency should get over the fear and loathing

Why Does Almost Everyone In Insurance Hate Blogging? That's an excellent question posed by Kelly Donahue Piro of Agency Appeal. She tackles the topic in one of her blog posts, and effectively shoots down five common rationalizations that agency principals often pose about why they don't have an agency blog ... she's heard them all: "I'm too busy", "I don't have anything to write about", "nobody buys from blogs" ... etc. We hear the same things.

News to know this week

Need to catch up on the news? Here's a digest of news stories that passed our desk this week. We offer quite the mix, from the latest on flood insurance, a primer on chatbots, and news on agency valuations and industry analysis.

Annals of Workers Comp: Origins of the Ambulance

The next time you hear the siren of an ambulance, think of Edward Dalton. He was born in Lowell MA in 1834, the son and grandson of physicians. He became a medical administrator during the civil war, but he was no ordinary administrator. Stepping into a situation where infection and disease killed far more soldiers than bullets, he recognized the need to remove the wounded from the battlefield and treat them in reasonably sanitary conditions. His largest hospital on the James River comprised 1,200 tents across 200+ acres, where he treated nearly seventy thousand soldiers for battle wounds, dysentery, pneumonia and other problems. Talk about logistical challenges!

Moms, motorcycles, boats and bikes: May social media themes for your agency

As we countdown to Memorial Day at the end of the month, there are many May events that offer potential for communicating with your insurance customers. First, a tip of the hat to Moms on Mother's Day - and there are also tributes to nurses, teachers, police and EMTs. For commercial clients, the focus is electrical safety and building safety. For your personal lines insurance customers, you may want to issue reminders about spring and summer home maintenance, boating and water safety, motorcycles safety and more. People spend more time in the great outdoors, a perfect time for National Bike Month and Physical Fitness & Sports Month. Here's a list of May events to use in your mailers and social media - we offer links to give you a head start.
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