How Joining a Network Can Improve Your Agency’s Culture

Two insurance agents share a high-five over their decision to join an agency network.

Most of us yearn to be part of a winning team – and one truism of independent agents is that they live to win. Whether it’s winning a new account, winning a new carrier appointment, or meeting and surpassing premium goals, agents love a well-earned victory.

However, these days, for time- and resource-strapped agencies those wins can become more elusive as time passes and the agency grows. Bringing in new business gets increasingly difficult when your staff becomes overwhelmed as they work to meet the demands of your clients, and your producers are forced to spend time on administrative tasks when they could be selling.

Often, the result is that fewer new clients are being brought in to your agency, which can limit your growth – and that pervasive feeling of you and your co-workers continuously running just to keep up can be a morale killer. As long as that atmosphere persists, your insurance agency’s culture will continue to suffer.

However, there is a way to shift some of the most time-consuming tasks for your agency and refocus your resources on what you do best: selling to clients and providing exceptional service.

The Art of the Culture Shift

The savvy agency principal knows the areas in which improvements could be made in order to make their business run more efficiently. If the owner had an ally to help manage the agency’s insurer relationships and take time-consuming meetings with carrier reps off their plate, for example, that would add up to valuable hours that could be better spent on prospecting.

If your agency had additional expertise in marketing even your most hard-to-place risks, turnaround time for securing coverage could be significantly reduced – and your clients could be served faster. Plus, imagine being able to view regular updates on all of your submissions.

Consider how much time and effort your agency would save if a trusted partner could assume all of your invoicing and billing. Or if they could handle the process of producing certificates of insurance, often a time-sensitive task that has to be handled posthaste.

Additionally, if your agency’s data could be harnessed and made available in one central location, that would empower you to view all of your accounts at a glance – and you could quickly see which accounts are coming up for renewal, how much premium each account represents, and whether you could be making more in commissions if any of your clients could be moved to a different carrier that would pay you more for the business you represent.

Having that information at your fingertips could help you direct your agency’s efforts in pursuit of the most revenue possible, and can also aid in client retention.

All of these goals are, in fact, achievable – with membership in the right agency group.

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More than just a network, Renaissance was built by agents, for agents – and we provide you with the people and technology for your agency to thrive. We know exactly where the most impactful agency efficiencies can be gained, and how to deliver the best solutions to achieve them. All of the aforementioned benefits are enjoyed by our members, who earn more revenue and grow up to four times faster than the average independent agency.

When the improvements your agency needs have been realized and processes become streamlined, your agency staff learns to work in a way that’s significantly more focused.

When your CSRs aren’t constantly juggling and reprioritizing tasks and can actually handle one matter at a time, your agency not only becomes more efficient, but also a more enjoyable place to work.

And when that happens, you create a welcome, positive shift in the culture of your workplace.

That change in culture, from jogging in place to moving ahead at a steady pace, could be precisely what your agency needs to move beyond your current revenue levels and accelerate your business.

Contact us to learn more about how you can bring defined change to your agency’s culture.

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